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Perhaps no area of computing is currently of more significance and yet so poorly executed as security.  For example, at the end of 3rd quarter of 2003 Panda Software estimated that about 18% of all computers in the United States were infected by at least one virus.  Twelve months later and in spite of all the media attention on virus attacks and record sales of anti-virus software that figure had jumped to 55%!  And virus attacks are only one small part of a sound security policy.

A sound security policy must account for internal control of sensitive data, block outside intruders, protect data from hardware failures as well as from malicious attacks such as viruses and worms, provide for safety from environmental dangers such as blackouts and yet allow the proper people to access all the data they need.  To setup and maintain a properly working security system requires sensitivity to your concerns, issues and circumstances as well as experience with the threats, dangers and technologies to minimize your exposure.  Our background and training in IT security will allow you to rest well, knowing that the correct policies, procedures and technologies are working to make your data safe and secure.

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