Networking Services:

Networking or expanding the network of any business correctly, whether small or large, is best done by taking the time to plan first as mistakes on paper are always cheaper than hardwired ones.  That is why we always take the time to listen to you before doing anything.  Another reason to listen first is that many small businesses face issues that large ones do not, as large businesses have the resources and planning capacity to design a building or office space from the ground up.  Designing a flexible, practical and yet economical small business network takes skill, experience and is still a bit of an art.  Our background in networks from 1 to 500 users allows us to navigate the art of networking while delivering the technology you need.

We provide:

At Lynx Networks and Security we can deploy solutions using Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server, Microsoft NT/2000/2003 Server, Cisco routers and firewalls, Linux servers and firewalls, Novell servers and more.

We are a Microsoft Partner and employ only Microsoft Certified Technicians.